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Top Tips for Wedding Planning

Plan your wedding early

While summer 2022 may be your ideal date, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wait for two years before you begin planning. It’s easier to plan and less stressful the sooner you do it. A wedding planning insights is essential to ensure you stay organized and not forget anything. The budget, insurance and rough guest list numbers should always be your top three priorities.

You can nail the budget

Set a realistic budget and don’t let yourself go overboard. It’s easy to forget about the little things. For your budget to be successful, you have to account for every detail. Do not forget to include extra costs such as dress alterations, gift expenses, and beauty expenditures. They can all add up!

Helping hands

Even though it is your big day, family members and friends will be there to help you. Trusting others will make you feel more open to receiving help if things aren’t as you would like them to be.

Choose your guests carefully

You should get your guest list organized early so you can concentrate on finding the right venue to accommodate your chosen guests. You will likely spend the most on your guests, so don’t let guilt get in the way of inviting those you don’t wish to attend. It is the hardest and most important decision of the entire planning process. But it should be yours and your h2b’s decision.

Long distance venues

While you may not like where you live now, or wish to marry there, you should make sure that you stay within the reach of most of your guests. This will ensure that fewer people are likely to attend. You will have to consider the time it takes for guests to travel from Liverpool to Somerset. This is especially true if you are planning a foreign wedding. It’s best to assume that most people won’t make it.

Have a Plan A in place

Even if you don’t like to think about it, things could go wrong. This could be anything from a problem in the catering to rain (despite forecasts promising a dry day). So you aren’t stressed out or panicking about the big day, plan alternate scenarios for each scenario. Also, make sure to check the terms of your insurance policy for wedding coverage.

Pick your best girls

Your greatest support during the planning process should be your bridesmaids. Make sure you choose wisely. Not the best choice are cousins or friends from high school. Your sisters, your long-term best friends and close relatives are better choices. You don’t want to look at your wedding albums years later and not be in touch with your bridesmaids.

Book the best photographer for you

You will relive the most memorable moments of your wedding day through your wedding album. Don’t underestimate the importance a professional photographer can have. It is important to research your options and choose someone who will understand what you are looking for. Engaged shooings are a great idea, as you will get to know your photographer as well as practice your poses.

Right now, get the menu

Food is one of the most talked about aspects at any wedding. The more unusual the better, from hog roasts or buffets to bakeoffs and mini fish ‘n’ chips, it’s a big deal! Do not skimp in this area. Hungry guests are never a good sign!

Feel amazing, but don’t do it too often

Everyone wants to look fabulous in their wedding photos. Now is the perfect time to make a healthy diet plan and perform a few exercises to tone your body. But, it’s not a good idea to eat a strict diet. Keep in mind that your groom wants you to be exactly who you are.

Avoid common beauty blunders

These are mainly due to too much foundation, fake tan, and coloured eyebrows. You will need to wear a bit more makeup than usual in order to make your features shine in photos. But don’t be too crazy! 2015 is all for soft, smokey eyes with peachy cheeks and lips.

Allow your groom to take responsibility for his actions

While your fiance may have not been involved in the planning of his wedding since he turned five, he will still have his opinions and ideas and will be eager to have a say. He will tell you what to do, but it’s still your day. Many guys enjoy getting involved in the music, budget and menu planning.

Personalize every little detail

Remember that your wedding is about you two, so make sure to include as much of your personality into the day. Every detail, from the stationery and favors to the attires and first dance, should reflect your guests’ personalities.

Lists, more lists, and more!

There are many suppliers to choose from, and each one has their own payment deadlines. This makes it difficult to plan your wedding.

Organise your gift list early

Prezola is the easiest way to combine everything you want, including your favorite brands and subscriptions. There are also donations to charities and honeymoon funds.

Make sure you get it done quickly so you have time to research, save and ultimately get what you want.

Do not forget what is most important

It can be overwhelming to plan your wedding. However, if you are getting too wrapped up in the details, you need to take a step back. Remember that you are marrying your love!

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