Coco Wedding Venues’ advice sections are a popular destination.

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Coco Wedding Venues’ advice sections are a popular destination.

There they provide helpful hints and tricks on Coco Wedding Venues searches, planning schedules, and creating the ideal wedding breakfast menu. Today I’m delighted to offer some practical advice and feminine charm for your wedding dress adventure.

This momentous occasion calls for some special advice from Laura, co-owner of Perfect Day Bride in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. To help you make the most of this moment, she has put together some incredible tips.


It’s absurd that anyone would need advice on shopping for the ideal wedding dress. But bridal commerce is different than going into Topshop and making five changes; our society isn’t used to seeing brides wearing ball gowns, so we need to remind them to slow down, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the process.

It’s your one chance at purchasing such an important outfit, so we hope you enjoy the process and get it right. Here are a few tips to ensure the most enjoyable dress shopping experience:

TIP # 1 Research your shopping destination thoroughly…

You may feel compelled to visit every bridal shop within 150 miles and try on each dress, but do this at your peril – this will only lead to disappointment and make Muriel look foolish.

Make the most of your shopping experience by selecting the right places. Are you comfortable sharing the shop floor with other brides-to-be or would prefer private consultations? Is having your dress delivered directly at your wedding venue or nearby so you can arrange fittings on your own time is more convenient? Additionally, does the shop stock all of the dresses you desire?

TIP # 2 Do Designers Matter…?

For years, engaged girls would exclaim “I must have Vera Wang!” But in reality, many brides-to-be realize their dress is not made by Vera Wang and won’t know who made it until after the fact.

Designers work hard to build a reputation, so if you love a brand, be sure to shop at an establishment that carries their collection. Although this may seem obvious, not all wedding dress boutiques carry every designer.

TIP #3 Use the Correct Underwear

It is best not to wear elasticized pants when wearing a dress, as they could affect its fit. Neon lingerie and black underwear should both be avoided for formal occasions; opt for something neutral with some support if necessary – even if you don’t normally use bra strapless styles – just in case the dress you love requires extra reinforcement.

TIP #4: Leave the entourage at-home

A blog post was written about the deadly sin of wedding dress shopping: inviting too many people along. While it might seem like a wonderful day for your mother, bridesmaids, and extended family, you could end up feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of depression or worse – suicide!

We suggest only bringing one or two trusted voices. Any more will obstruct your ability to hear yourself think clearly.

TIP # 5 Be clear about Your Budget

Some brides feel the need to be mindful when spending money on wedding dresses. But the reality is: no matter if it’s out of prestige or simply the desire to try on expensive gowns, we can only assist you if you know exactly what you require.

As you wouldn’t claim that your shoe size is 8 if it were actually 14, so don’t pretend you have a budget of $10,000 even if the actual figure is closer to PS1,000.

TIP # 6 Experiment with Style

Even if you have your heart set on one particular style of dress, don’t be afraid to branch out during your initial appointment. Doing so allows for you to eliminate anything you don’t like and discover what works for you; also, being open-minded allows for great sartorial choices when making decisions.

TIP #7 Consider Context…

When and where will you get married? Your bridesmaids’ dresses should match. Your groom should also match. How long will the dress be on you? Do you plan to wear it in multiple environments or stay put? All these factors will shape what type of dress works best for you.

TIP # 8 Be Your True Self

Be true to yourself on your wedding day; don’t get stuck in an ideal image of what a bride should look like. Your big day should reflect you, not some idealized image of beauty. Avoid tight-fitting clothing if it doesn’t flatter you; identify what items in your closet make you feel like a rockstar and incorporate those pieces into stylish big day styling.

Tip # 9 The dress isn’t the only thing… (gasp!)

Nowadays, bridal outfits are more about the accessories than the dress itself. Many brides use their gown as a starting point for creating other parts of their look.

Charlie Brear offers some stylish styling tips. For evening, try adding an oversized cashmere sweater and chunky waistband. Accessories are the future – so make sure to invest in them today.

Tip # 10 Enjoy yourself…!

As mentioned at the start, this may be your only opportunity to dress up on such a grand scale. Dressing up for such an important milestone in life – becoming married – allows you to accept yourself and celebrate your style at once! This can be such an empowering step on your journey towards marriage!

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