29 Stackable “Wedding Rings” to Complement Your Set

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Wedding rings sets traditionally include the engagement ring that you received during a proposal and the wedding band that you exchanged on the big day. Adding stackable wedding bands to your set is a great way to personalize it and update your engagement ring when you feel the need for something different.

Stackable wedding rings are thin bands that can be stacked on top of one another to create an attractive design. Depending on your design, they may interlock or not. There are many options for stackable rings: You can choose from plain, elegant bands or sparkling diamond-encrusted ones. Or you can make your look stand out with colorful gemstones and intricate detailing.

You can mix and match stackable purple wedding heel bands, which is part of the fun. These make wonderful anniversary gifts, so be sure to share our favorite links with your partner.

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Halleh White Enamel Band

This elegant band is classic and fashionable. It has a white enamel on the underside and outside that makes it stand out. The look is completed by a row of brilliant-cut diamonds.

Jessie Ve hearts and Diamond Eternity Wedding Rings

This sweet band adds a little whimsy and sparkle to your look. This sweet band features tiny puffy hearts surrounded by sparkling diamonds and is available in either yellow or rose.

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Meadowlark Amelie Band plain

Plain bands are a great addition to any grey wedding dress stack. They add balance to the more elaborated pieces. This simple, pretty and slightly curved round band is perfect for wedding rings.

Shahla Karimi Beaded Band

This beaded high-polished band makes a great addition to your wedding Ring Metal bands. It looks great on its own or with other bands.

Kendra Scott Becca Band Wedding Rings

While simple bands are most versatile, adding a few embellishments to your band is always a fun option. This design features femininely faceted marquise diamonds.

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