Wedding Trends and Wedding Budget Blues

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Beat the Blues!

Modern brides want to have the wedding of their dreams, but be responsible for her finances. You can find creative ways to reduce the financial pressure while still achieving the dream wedding. You can do it!

Instead of sending out the traditional RSVP card with an envelope and first-class postage to invite your guests to RSVP, you can send them an elegant, ready–to-mail postcard. You will save $.15 on postage just by making this small change. This option is also environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need for an additional envelope.

Set priorities for your wedding and budget accordingly. You don’t want to settle for a less-than-perfect dress. Instead, plan for the cost of the dress and minimize the costs of other items on your wedding day.

Talk to your venue about ways you can cut costs. Ask your venue whether they have rental centerpieces for your reception tables. Renting centerpieces for your reception tables will give your wedding the classy touch you desire.

You can have the wedding you want while still being mindful of your budget by thinking creatively and prioritizing your priorities. Keep reading the next issue to learn more about Wedding Trends and Tips.