Essential Destination Wedding Ideas

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The power of a travel agent is amazing.

Even if you are not far from the main tourist areas, a trusted travel agent can help you negotiate better hotel rates and airfares. A reliable travel agent can be a valuable resource for your guests when they plan to travel abroad.

Be realistic about your guest list.

If you don’t have the number of guests you expected, don’t be discouraged. It’s true that weddings can be difficult on guests, especially if they don’t have enough time to plan. Some guests may not be able to afford the trip due to missing work, extra expenses, or having to plan around children and pets. To give everyone enough time to save and plan, send Save the Dates at the least nine months in advance.

Other activities can be planned in addition to the reception and ceremony.

Your guests will be enjoying a vacation as well, so make sure they have plenty of things to do. A larger rehearsal dinner can be planned to include all guests, or a large lunch for the entire group to sample local cuisine a few days before the wedding. For a little more excitement, you can plan an optional horseback riding or hiking adventure, depending on where you are. Your hotel’s welcome bag should contain lots of information about local food and activities.

A Wedding Planner to Hire

It can be difficult to plan a wedding in an unfamiliar location. A professional wedding planner can cut down on research and time by reaching out to their contacts to help them find the perfect vendors. A professional wedding planner will also be able to help you avoid any problems, such as understanding permit requirements and coordinating electrical needs.

Take good care of your gown!

Check your wedding dress separately from your other luggage. It is not possible to lose or damage your wedding dress when you reach your destination. It can be placed in a plastic bag or in an opaque garment bag and will fit in the overhead bin. Or, ask the flight attendant if they have a place for it in their closet in the cockpit. Ask the hotel if they have a steamer/steaming service you can use. They can direct you to a cleaner if they don’t have one.

Ask your resort or hotel if they have a steamer for the dress. You can also research local cleaners to find out if there are any reputable places to steam the dress.

Add additional costs

You will not only be responsible for your travel expenses but the couple must also cover the accommodation costs for their wedding party. Weddings can also include extra day trips and activities that you have planned, as well as welcome bags for your guests. You may need to live in an exotic location before your ceremony. It is usually only a few days but it can be as long as a week in some places. You must arrive in France 40 days before your wedding.

Baby, go places.

Couples planning a local wedding need to be twice the organized and punctual. To get a good feel for your destination, take at least one planning trip. You can also have the opportunity to taste local food and meet other vendors. You’ll be able to make a decision in a matter of days, even if you have only one week to find the venue and select a caterer. You should make sure you have your eyes on the ground at least once. This will allow you to look for ceremony and reception venues, hotels for guests, caterers, and photographers. These are the biggies. You can use the next trip to find smaller vendors such as florists, decor businesses, and hair & make-up stylists.