Ten Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Cake

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Ten Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Cake

It is important to start early. Start early.

Locate your baker. Word-of-mouth is the best way to find one, but you can also try attending wedding fairs. Couples can meet local bakers, see samples of cakes and make a decision without needing to book a private consultation.

Get social. I share my cakes on social media in real-time, so that brides can see my work and what types of cakes I am best at. Don’t let the beautiful images fool you. Before you book a meeting, make sure to check out reviews and testimonials online.

Adapt your style. Fondant cakes are my specialty. I have a modern approach to decorating them. While I do not make buttercream or rustic cakes myself, there are many bakers who only work with buttercream. Some bakers only make naked cakes. Take note of the most appealing styles as you look at images of cakes. Whimsical? Geometric? Romantic? Rustic? Glamorous? Is there a pattern?

Meet with a baker. Now it’s time to start the journey of making your cake! Your baker will need to know the details, such as your wedding date, location, and expected head count, before you can even consider red velvet vs. Vanilla bean.

The basics. Helping couples prioritize where their cake purchases fit within their wedding budget is a big part of my job. Good cake designers will offer helpful suggestions that help you keep your budget in line while still satisfying your aesthetic requirements.

Think about the cost. A cake’s cost is determined by how many people are required and how complicated the design is. Because sugar flowers are handmade and time-consuming, they can increase the cost of cakes. A couple wanted a spiraling floral cascade, similar to the one they had seen online but could not afford it. I had several options. One was to use real flowers and one or two bold sugar flowers accents.

Be inspired. The overall style of your wedding can help you get started with the design process. You can use mood boards, photos of your favorite cakes, your wedding color palette and your dress to get the design wheels moving.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors. Some bakers may charge an extra for premium flavors or fillings. Others (like me), don’t. So make sure you discuss any cost increases at your tasting. Clients are encouraged to explore the limits of flavor. There are many options. Why choose vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet when you can have praline and hazelnut cakes with chocolate mousse and drizzles of caramel. You want your cake to be beautiful and delicious. It’s your wedding, and it’s your cake.

Delicious vibes — consultation 101. I enjoy meeting with couples over a 45-minute tasting session and design consultation. The fee for couples is $50, which is deducted from the final amount of the cake. The couple receives a menu and can choose from two flavors. They will also be served vanilla bean cake, chocolate mud cake, and red velvet cake at the tasting. You can also choose from four fillings. I provide samples of Swiss meringue and chocolate ganache, which are both used to make frostings or fillings. You can mix and match different elements at the tasting. Because it’s such an icebreaker, I always begin the design process by having a tasting. Who doesn’t like cake? Clients are encouraged to bring any design inspiration, including images of their favorite cakes. I also ask them to bring examples that reflect their love for the subject. After a brief discussion and budget evaluation, I create a few ideas and we begin to work together on a final design.

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