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You have popped the question, your closest and dearest are astonished and you feel settled. You’re on cushy cloud 9 and you’ve come bottom first.

It’s wedding planning season! Some of you will be giddy with excitement, clipboard in hand and color schemes on the mind. For others, however, you might already feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what lies before you.

You don’t have to worry about whether you are a bridezilla or a groomzilla. Anges de sucre, or taking one thing from your plate (well, not your dessert plate). It’s the crowning jewel of your wedding day, and you know it. Your wedding cake is the main focal point. While you may think it’s an exaggeration to say that, for many couples, their wedding cake is more than a dessert.

The day’s romance is all about the cutting of it together, the posing next to it, and the first bite. It doesn’t really matter whether you get married in a grand venue with 500 people or in a small pub with your closest friends. For years to come, the memories of your wedding cake will last a lifetime.


A great place to start your wedding cake design is where and when you are getting married. Are you looking for a grand hotel? It could be a barn.

You might also influence the style of the dessert by choosing the wedding breakfast. You don’t necessarily want a theme wedding. However, consistency in styling and colour is elegant and sophisticated. It’s a good idea to choose the venue and menu first before you start designing your cake. While it doesn’t have to be perfect, it will help you choose the right design for your wedding cake.


You might be very organized with a Pinterest page or mood board dedicated to wedding cakes. Or, you might have come across the perfect cake in one the many blogs or magazines that have been published about weddings. Make sure you know the style of the person who will be making your cake.

They have their own unique styles, which makes them the best cake designers. They won’t copy any other bakery’s design so don’t be surprised. Anges de Sucre is a collaborative company that will help you create the perfect wedding cake. We will not copy any other’s work. It is important to choose the right designer for your wedding cake.


Newsflash weddings can be costly. A Brides Magazine article from earlier this year stated that the average UK wedding would cost around PS30,000. Wow. This is a lot of money.

What should you budget for your wedding cakes? What length of string people is it (what an annoying saying!)? Our smallest wedding cakes cost around PS160 but can easily reach over PS650. You will likely pay more for this cake than any other sweet treats in your life, no matter who the professional baker may be. Why? Because you are paying for the creativity, love, and artistry that your professional puts into each creation.

Your cake maker should always be open about your budget. Once they have an idea of the budget, they can create a unique design that will not break the bank. To get the best value for your money, be honest and open. You don’t have to worry about them trying “to short-change” your budget by giving you a less-expensive design or charging you more – cake designers know that smart brides and grooms will request at least 4-5 quotes. Also, they know that there are many cake-makers in the market to make your dream cakes so we always recommend the best way to do it.


You should book early if you’re sure which bakery you would like to work for and are in love with their amazing cakes. The average couple starts their planning approximately a year before the wedding, so it is a good idea for couples to book as soon as possible.

Wedding cakes are extremely elaborate and precise. You don’t want to settle with a sub-par cake on your big day. You should contact your bakery immediately to discuss the details, and find out if they are able to make what you need.


Although your cake may not be large enough to feed all of your wedding guests, it is important to leave an impression.

You should know the approximate number of people attending your wedding before placing an order. This will allow you to choose the right size. This will give you an idea of the cost so that you know how much to budget.

Couples will often choose three to four tiers from our variety of cakes when they have 120 guests. You can also add smaller cakes or cupcakes to the mix. Two tiers work well for an intimate wedding.

Anges de Sucre is a huge fan of big cakes. Because our cakes are fresh for up to 5 days, they make an excellent post-wedding breakfast, lunch or snack …..!


Was it fruit cake ……zzzzzz? Many couples opt for the heavy, traditional fruit cake as their wedding cake. But how many people actually like it. What was the last time that you thought “Ooh, I really like a piece of dense old and stodgy apple cake?”

As you all know, we love to be different.

Three flavors are available: chocolate mud-cake, vanilla bean and red velvet. We chose this delicious trio of flavours for several reasons. These flavours are both delicious, and they can be used together or as a stand-alone. These flavours are modern, easy, crowd-pleasing, delicious, and simple. Select from our wide selection of buttercream flavours to get design, scrumptiousness or a flavor overload in one bite.


If you are one those rare individuals who just can’t stand cake, we ask: Have you ever been to a doctor about this issue? Okay, so we get that not everyone wants cake. While we find you odd, we understand that everyone has their own preferences.

Nowadays, there are many choices. You have the option of cupcakes (which we still love), or you can opt for savoury cheddar cakes. But what about the guests who don’t want to eat blue cheese the entire evening? Tiered pork pies have been seen, but we weren’t impressed.

If you don’t like cakes and are looking for something new, we have a variety of options, including our unique croquembouche cookies. These are a dreamy, delicious and beautiful centerpiece for your wedding reception.


Imagine the typical wedding cake. A bride and groom topper, three or four tiers and layers and layers thick fondant frosting. Now, close your eyes. Visualize your guests’ dessert plates. What number of times have you had to take the thick fondant frosting off your cake to get to the sponge at a wedding or birthday? We’re betting quite a few!

Fondant icing looks great and can be molded into almost any design you wish, but we don’t think it’s the best. This look is possible with the help of many talented bakers. However, if you are looking for something a little more buttercream-like than sugar paste, we would be happy to talk cake with your. See our previous post to learn more about the pros and disadvantages of each decorative style.


It is important to double-check and triple-check again whether the bakery you choose can deliver your wedding cakes to the right place. It may sound ridiculous, but some couples have been caught out by this.

While you may think you can save some money by picking up your cake yourself or getting someone to do it for you personally, did you consider the logistical challenges of transporting a three- and four-tier cake? We can assure you that it is difficult. The distance of your wedding and the notice period will determine how many good wedding cake bakers will deliver it. Our own transport and driver experience allows us to deliver within Central London starting at PS0. Yes, we do offer cake, and we travel further!


Order your wedding cake online if you are tired of planning your wedding. It’s so much simpler than walking around different bakeries, becoming overwhelmed by the variety of options.

Make your choice, find out if they’re available, and then start an online conversation. It’s much simpler for both of you and eliminates one more worry. A written record makes it easier to refer to the conversation later. We know how hectic organising the big day can get and don’t want it to become more.