How to build a wedding website that is engaging

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Your wedding website can be a great way to communicate with your guests. You will need to include all relevant information about your wedding when creating your website. You will want to include all the pertinent information about your wedding, but you also want it to be fun and engaging so that your family and friends feel involved in planning your celebrations.

There are many sites that provide templates that can be used to create wedding websites for free, even if you don’t have the technical skills. These tips will help you make your website informative, engaging, and personable.

Your website should reflect your wedding’s personality.

You can design your own wedding website. Use colors that correspond to the theme and tone of your wedding. It could even be made to look exactly like your invitations. If you choose to use an online template website, make sure it matches your wedding colors and invitations.

Use an online RSVP tool.

Online RSVPs are a time-saving option for both you and your guests. Online guest lists can be kept track of, saving you money and eliminating the need to send out response cards or stamps with your wedding invitations. It is also eco-friendly. Include your website URL at the bottom of your invitations and let people know that they can RSVP via your site. If they are not computer-savvy, you can add your phone number to allow them to RSVP.

Include directions and a plan.

The basic information for a wedding announcement will include your names, the occasion, the location, the time, and the date. It is important to include directions to the venue and reception. A map can be very helpful for people who live far away. Either display a hand-drawn or embedded map using sites such as Google Maps or MapQuest. Consider offering local hotel options, and listing places that they could visit during your event.

You can add Encompass links in your registries.

Your personal website can include links to your registry. This will allow you to inform your guests where you are registered and what gifts you might need. Make sure to integrate the links in a controlled manner on your website. It is not your intention for anyone to feel obligated or forced to buy you gifts.

Add some personal flair to the mix.

There is a good chance that some guests have never even met or seen one of you. As a way to show your guests that you are happy and affectionate, include some adorable photos of the two you. To keep your visitors interested in the information on your website, you might consider adding at least one photo to each page. Tell the story of how you met, and how you got engaged. You can also provide a guestbook and other ways for guests to comment on your interactions.