Winter Magical Wedding

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Winter is a wonderful season for planning a wedding. You can choose the theme, decorations, and venue based on the season. Your wedding planning is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It’s crucial that you plan well and allow yourself enough time to plan. Here are some tips for planning a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Dresses

It is essential to dress properly if you want to create a magical wedding. It’s not a good idea to freeze your guests or yourself during outdoor photos or on the way from reception to wedding. You can find wraps, shawls, and elegant jackets that will go well with your winter wedding gown. However, 90% of wedding dresses have no sleeves or straps.

Winter Wedding Venue

It is important to choose the right venue for your wedding. You can choose a hotel or inn that has a fireplace, or you could consider a private club or large historic building. You and your guests should be able to heat the venue properly so you don’t freeze.

Winter Magical Wedding Menu

A great menu is essential for a magical wedding. While you can still enjoy your favourite foods, you can add winter touches to your wedding by adding pumpkin soup, warm pie and cocoa. For the reception, you might consider eggnog and spiced wines. Perhaps you will use ice sculptures, or place a snow globe at the top of your cake.

Winter Magical Wedding Flowers

Flowers are essential for a magical wedding. Natural winter flowers are always a good choice. Or you can opt for an elegant, “icy” look using silver and white. You might also choose seasonal reds and greens. You can choose ornamental-like berries, or brighter bouquets with traditional roses. Talking to a local florist about what flowers are available in winter is a good idea.