Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Enduring Love Story

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The celebrated couple, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, made it clear to their fans and followers that their love is still strong when they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. To celebrate her marriage, the Australian actress posted a vulgar, PDA-laden photo to social media. It was met with mixed reactions. The pic shows only a portion of her neck and face, while the country music singer is seen licking her neck. The celebrity couple’s undeniable heat has only grown stronger over the years, a true feat in Hollywood’s oft-blink-and-you-miss-it relationship culture. The A-listers have not always had it all sunshine and rainbows. Kidman said that their strong relationship is due to the fact that they make time for one another despite their hectic schedules.

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All about Nicole Kidman’s wedding to Keith Urban

For all their red carpet glamour and sexiness, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman remain a very private couple. In Kidman’s native Australia, the couple were married on June 25, 2006. It was a beautiful ceremony that saw many of country and Hollywood’s brightest and most influential people. Although not much information is available about the ceremony, it is clear that the couple got married on a very special day.

They were married in Australia.

Urban and Kidman are both well-known Australians so it makes sense that they decided to marry back home. Technically, Urban was born in New Zealand. However, he has citizenships in Australia and the United States. The couple were married in Manly, an area of Sydney at the Cardinal Cerretti Chapel. It was described as a traditional Catholic wedding. People claimed that the candlelight was all that was used for the ceremony. A guest also shared his experience with the publication: “It was an emotional and beautiful ceremony.”

The Hollywood elite was represented on their guest list.

Urban and Kidman were surrounded by many A-list friends, which was not surprising. Their closest friends included Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, both Australians/New Zealanders, as well as Naomi Watts, Kidman’s close friend. A personal touch was added to the intimate wedding by Neil Finn, Neil Jackman, and Jackman, Crowded Hour singer. According to reports, the couple hosted around 230 close family members and friends. Isabella and Connor Kidman, Kidman’s adopted children from Tom Cruise were also present.

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The couple created a charity registry.

What gift can you give the couple who has everything? People reports that the couple asked their guests to forgo gifts and instead request donations to Sydney Children’s Hospital. In the years that followed, other celebrity couples have also set up charity wedding registry. These include Meghan Markle in 2018, Prince Harry in 2018, and, before that, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, in 2011. The Duke and Duchess raised $1 million through their efforts which was then split among 26 charities. Non-celebrity couples have been using charity registries to raise funds for everything from hurricane relief to wildlife conservation.

The wedding featured Rolls Royces prominently.

Kidman was accompanied by Isabella and Connor at her Darling Point home. Bella was her bridesmaid. The bride got in a white Rolls Royce and drove to Manley with her father. Bella and Antonia, Kidman’s maid-of-honor, followed her in a matching white Rolls Royce. A guest said that Nicole cried the whole way to the church in her car, and then she cried the entire ceremony. She had to wipe her eyes with the veil.

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The Couple’s Relationship Timeline

Although Urban and Kidman may appear to be in a love match, they have often spoken out about how hard they work together. Today 2021 revealed that Kidman and Urban are happy being the best versions of themselves, and not for others. She said, “We don’t want to be a pinup couple.” “We want to live a happy, fulfilling life.”

How did they meet?

They met at the G’Day USA Gala 2005. It wasn’t love at first glance, but they did fall in love. Kidman shared his thoughts with Ellen DeGeneres in 2017 when he said that he thought he had a crush on her, but he wasn’t interested in me. “He didn’t call me for four years.” The talk show host suggested that maybe the country singer was shy. Kidman said she had never asked Urban why it took him so long. She said, “There are certain things in marriage… We’re now, and everything’s good.” “We don’t have to hammer out all that stuff.”

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What was their relationship like?

Soon after the fateful phone call, the couple started dating and quickly became Hollywood’s most popular A-list couple. The actress realized Urban was the right one only after Kidman turned 28 in 2006. People reported that Urban surprised Kidman on her birthday, standing on her New York City stoop at 4 AM with a bouquet of Gardenias. “That was when I thought, ‘This man is the one I want to marry.’ She knew that he was her true love by the time they made it up to Woodstock, upstate New York.