The Epic Taffeta Gown of Princess Diana: Her Wedding Dress

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The wedding dress of Princess Diana was fairytale-worthy. The July 29th 1981 marriage of Princess Diana to Prince Charles took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral and was televised worldwide. Diana Spencer, also known as “Shy Di”, made national headlines for her stunning wedding dress, an ivory taffeta gown with a 25-foot-long train and puff sleeves.

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Who designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress?

Princess Diana chose to go with an English couple when she had to choose a designer for her wedding dress. They were the young husband-and wife design team David Emanuel. In 2017, Princess Diana, still known as Diana Spencer, called the couple with a simple request. He wanted to “do her honor” by making her wedding dress. Tatler reported that David Emanuel had told Tatler that this was a life-changing request. He said that it was the most difficult job in his career. The Emanuels had previously created several gowns for Diana for special occasions but a royal wedding gown was an epic project.

What was the cost of Princess Diana’s wedding dress?

The Emanuels met with Diana to discuss her wedding plans and came up with the idea that the royal wedding gown would need to be extravagant and extravagant. Today’s David Emanuel said, “If you’ve ever been to St. Paul’s Cathedral you’ll know that it’s a beautiful and vast building. And if you do a modest, small, low-key, unassuming dress, it won’t have worked.” It had to be triumphant. It had to be extraordinary. It had to be spectacular.”

The gown that was kept in the safe by the Emanuels was so large that it couldn’t be fit through their London studio’s front door. They had to hire cranes to transport it. David Emanuel stated that they had to remove the window and sail the gown into the building. We had this safe that we used every night to make the gown. The safe was locked up because, despite having security guards, it couldn’t be broken into. It was quite an ordeal.

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Style, shape, and more

The wedding gown of Princess Diana was a royal creation. The bodice was fitted and covered with panels of antique Carrickmacross Lace (previously owned by Prince Charles’ great-grandmother Queen Mary). Puffed sleeves were trimmed with taffeta bows, ruffles and taffeta bows. The skirt was full-bodied, creating a classic, feminine silhouette. The bride’s elegant, long neck was highlighted by the curved neckline. The gown was made from fabric spun at a British silk factory. It included antique lace and silk-taffeta with intricate sequins, pearls, and hand-sewn on to the gown. Notable: Diana chose to dye her gown a royal ivory instead of leaving it white. The 25-foot train that ran from the bride’s feet to the train is perhaps the most notable part of the gown. It remains the longest ever built for a British royal bride.

David Emanuel stated, “Elizabeth did her research” “We discovered that the longest royal train was only 20 feet. Diana was laughing and I was giggling, saying “Oh my God, that’s too long!” She said, “Oh, okay, will we make it 23 feet?” We will make it 25 feet. “We arrived at 25 feet!”

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Accessories taken from Princess Diana’s Wedding Day Look

The accessories Princess Diana wore on the big day were as memorable as Diana’s wedding dress. She wore the Spencer family’s tiara. It was an 18th-century-era heirloom that Lady Sarah Spencer had given to her grandmother Cynthia Spencer Spencer, Countess Spencer. The tiara wasn’t the first to be worn. It was also not the last. Diana’s grandmother Cynthia Spencer, Countess Spencer, had worn the Spencer tiara over the generations. Celia McCorquodale, her niece, wore it for her June 2018 wedding.

Surprising Facts about Lady Diana’s Wedding Dress

Although Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress was not well covered at the time, details about it have emerged over the decades. David and Elizabeth Emanuel were the designers of Diana’s stunning gown. They have also spoken out about their collaboration and shared details about the day. Here are some surprising facts about Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding dress.

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The princess’s gown couldn’t fit in the royal carriage.

The 25-foot train of the bride had to be packed into the carriage to take her to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was so heavy that the bride’s gown became terribly wrinkled by the time she reached the venue. Elizabeth Emanuel, designer, said that the train had to “fold like a bed sheet” to fit in the carriage. The gown and train made for a stunning entrance, which is still fashion history.