Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James “Critical Conversations”.

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Matt James, the Bachelor made it to his finale. He is now navigating love and life in general. In the mid-March finale of ABC’s hit reality series, Season 25, the Bachelor presented his final rose. He chose between Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young. The Bachelor began his season with 32 contestants. He then fell in love with Kirkconnell and they split after a scandal involving racism. The couple began to work towards a reconciliation months later. James shared his feelings with People in an April 28th story. “I don’t want to pursue any other relationships at the moment. “I said that I would focus on my relationship and that I will be focusing on it.”

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What happened at the “Bachelor” Finale?

Kirkconnell and James had already separated by the time the After the Finale Rose taping aired. Young was let go by James first. However, the situation worked in her favor. She’s now a future Bachelorette.

James was hesitant to propose to Kirkconnell even during the finale. Chris Harrison asked him about an engagement. He said that he was starting to feel the pressure to make a commitment. “I know it would be easy for me to tell Rachael or Michelle what I want… So I kneel down and do something I’m not ready to do. And then, what? This sets our relationship on a course that neither of us is ready for.

James proposed to Kirkconnell, and he did so. To his final choice, he stated that he wanted to be everything to James. “As I wrestle with what I want to do today, it would be easy for me to let those emotions go and make you happy. That’s why I am proposing to you today.”

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What happened to Matt James’s Finalists, You Ask?

The Bachelor Season 25 finalists couldn’t be more different between Michelle Young, a fan favorite and Rachael McConnell. Rachael has been in controversy since the beginning of the season. The trust that Michelle, the upcoming Bachelorette has earned is especially impressive. The elementary school teacher has shown kindness and cared about her students, going so far as including her class during her local date.

Kirkconnell was however criticized after it emerged that she had attended Old South antebellum parties in college. Along with other allegations of bullying and conspiracy theories peddling, her racist participation has caused an outcry among viewers and the public. When Chris Harrison, longtime host of the show, defended Rachael’s actions in February 2021, the situation escalated to a fever pitch. This prompted the reality star to step down due his controversial comments regarding the Season 25 final rose winner.

Why is Matt’s Season so Important?

James’s season was a significant milestone for the long-running franchise. He’s the first Black Bachelor to head the show, despite the many seasons it has been running. Mid-June saw the Black Lives Matter movement spread across the country and the network made an announcement.

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Additional Facts About Bachelor Matt James

James was an economics major and a Wake Forest University football player. After the show was widely criticized for its lack diversity, most notably among its lead actors, ABC has announced James as its new lead. A petition calling for the network and show’s executive producer Mike Fleiss to cast more diverse contestants was launched in summer 2020. It was co-created with the Black Lives Matter organization. Karey Burke, president and CEO of ABC Entertainment, stated that Matt has been on our radar from February when producers approached him to be a part of Clare’s season. “When filming was halted, we had the opportunity to meet Matt and all agreed that he would be a great Bachelor.”

How the Bachelor Nation Reacted To Matt James’s Ascension as Bachelor

The showrunners chose only one Black Bachelorette to lead The Bachelor’s 18-year-old franchise, which spanned 40 seasons. Lindsay, prior to James, had voiced concern about the show’s lack of diversity and asked fellow Bachelor Nation members for their opinions. She previously stated that the National Football League, a notoriously inept organization for not supporting their athletes of colour, could make a statement condemning racism and admitting they were wrong for not listening.

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James said that Rachel speaks and we listen. She is a vital voice in all of this. Being the first Black woman and person of color to lead, and… hopefully, the first Black man to be in this position, I believe, is a great honor. It is an honor. I will just be myself and the way my mom raised me. Hopefully, when people invite me to their homes on Monday night, they see that different love stories are beautiful.”