Top Ideas for Wedding Photography

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And it’s possible to do it the other way

Do you want to include unusual photos in your wedding photography gallery. Change the friends of the groom with those of the bride. A few photos of the groom and bride looking at each other or doing cosmetic procedures can be taken.

Action Photos

This is a very popular wedding photo idea. Everyone will have a good time and laugh because everyone has to jump simultaneously to get a cool shot.

Near Lighthouse

For amazing photo compositions, you can use antique buildings.

Favorite profession

These photos are best when taken against the backdrop of police cars or fire engines.

The Waves of the Sunny Day

It’s a great photo idea to sail away from everyone and hide in a fast boat. For amazing compositions, use water splashes or the rule of thirds.

Smoke Bombs

A color smoke bomb will give you a bright shot. You can make it look very elegant in terms of clothing and daring with harsh colors. You should not touch the wedding dress.

Follow me

If you have a background that is textured and has a beautiful setting, repeat this photo. Use your veil or wedding dress.

Star Wars Fan

Rent or purchase a Rebel Alliance costume to create memorable photos with friends if you love this movie. You can also recreate any scene or film by purchasing the right accessories.

Background for Firework

Many wedding celebrations end with huge fireworks. The couple will cherish a photo of them kissing surrounded by bright colors.

Mysterious Silhouette

You can still take great wedding photos despite the weather. For mysterious photos, you can use an ordinary puddle. The reflection of the bodies, and the shoes of the wedding guests will only be visible.

Become Superheroes

To create creative photos, you can use superhero accessories if you and your partner are fans of superheroes. These accessories can include masks, shields, or gloves that resemble the hands of heroes.

Use masks

These masks can be customized in your own style. You can give a few masks to your close friends and family members and take mysterious photos.

Instagram Frame

This social network will allow you to upload many wedding photos. You can be unique and create a frame to photograph guests.

Creative props for guests

You can also use signs to write words and phrases.

Just Married

This is a unique accessory that can be used by any couple, in any setting. Incredible photo of the ending of your wedding day.

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