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We don’t think traditional wedding rings will ever disappear, but there are many fun alternatives to gold and diamond bands. A wedding ring tattoo is one such option. It is a wonderful way to show your love for the rest of your life. Ring finger tattoos have many benefits. You can customize them to suit your personality and are typically less expensive than traditional wedding rings.

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There are many ways to honor your love in ink, whether you choose a traditional ring tattoo or a micro tattoo that represents your love. We can help you if you’re thinking about wedding finger tattoos. We will discuss the pros and cons and give you some ideas for tattoo designs that will inspire your creativity.


There are important things to consider before you decide to get a tattoo on your wedding ring. A tattoo is almost permanent.


A wedding ring tattoo has many benefits:

  • You can’t lose a tattoo. This is a crucial factor for people who lose their keys, toothbrush, and jewelry all the time.
  • It will be comfortable to wear no matter what your occupation is. It is dangerous or impossible for many professions, such as healthcare, construction, and manufacturing, to wear your wedding rings while working. A tattoo’s beauty is its ability to be worn at all times.
  • It is more affordable. According to the Brides’ American Wedding Study, in 2020, engagement rings cost couples an average of $3756 You could spend between $50 and $300 depending on the artist and tattoo design.

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  • This is a unique way to express your love. There are no two tattoos the same, so this is a trendy way to express your love.
  • You can still wear your ring when you want. Your engagement ring can be worn over your tattoo for special occasions and whenever you wish. You have the freedom that a tattoo ring gives you, which is something you won’t get with a traditional band.


You should consider the following cons to ring tattoos:

  • It is possible for the ink to become brittle or even blow out. Ring finger tattoos can blur or blow out. Your skin’s reaction to tattoo ink can be very individual. We recommend that you get a tattoo done elsewhere before you commit to a wedding ring tattoo. It is also a good idea to find an artist with experience in tattooing wedding rings and who can show you their portfolio. To see if the style suits you, make sure you look at previous work. It is better to hire someone who has experience, as an inexperienced artist can create blurred images and blowouts.
  • As with all tattoos, it will fade. Hand tattoos and other body parts that are exposed to the sun fade more quickly. You can always have it retouched.
  • Tattoos can hurt. Some tattoos on fingers and hands can be more painful than others. Because fingers are thinner, the pain can be more severe.

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  • If you don’t like the design of your tattoo, it can be difficult to make one. It is best to look into wedding ring tattoo designs early. Once you find an idea that you like, you should wait. You should schedule your appointment at least a few months in advance. You will love the tattoo for many years if you love it as you approach your appointment.
  • It takes time for tattoos to heal. If you wish to show your tattoo off on the big day, schedule your appointment at least a month in advance.


As we have already mentioned, ring finger tattoos can be more painful than other tattoos. You can make your tattoo appointment more pleasant. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your appointment.

Get inspired. Take a look at our selection below to find the ring that suits your style and personality. Talk to your future spouse about the ring you choose. You can then think about it for several weeks or even a month. You have now found the perfect tattoo design if you are still interested in it. To be sure you are comfortable, make your appointment at least a month in advance so that you can take the time to think it through. You’ll be able to decide if the design is still yours when the appointment date nears.

Take a look at the portfolios of tattoo artists. Every tattoo artist has a portfolio online or in their studio. Take a look through the portfolios and note artists that you like. Make sure you only look at tattoo artists who are skilled in finger tattoos.

Schedule a consultation. Bring your tattoo design along with any questions. Note how you feel while talking to your potential artist. Are they calm or more nervous? Are they more anxious? Ask about their aftercare procedures and the products they recommend.

Ask about numbing lotions. Ask your artist for all details, including recommendations about brands.

Your appointment should be made at least one month prior to the wedding. This will allow the tattoo to heal properly and will make it look its best. This will also make your wedding photos look the best.

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Avoid alcohol. Drink no alcohol the night before or during your appointment. Your artist might cancel your appointment if you and your spouse are drunk. Tipping while you are still high is a bad idea as it can affect the entire tattoo process.

Get a good night of sleep. Bad sleep can cause anxiety and nervousness during appointments. Anxiety can lead to more pain when you are tattooed.

Eat a protein-rich meal beforehand. It can make tattooing more painful if you are hungry or thirsty. Many artists suggest that you eat a healthy, protein-rich meal before your appointment. If you are worried about the appointment being too long, bring snacks and a sports drink. A balanced diet is a must. Low vitamin intake can make it difficult to get a tattoo.