A Nashville Ethereal Wedding Inspired

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Michael Eades and Rebecca Delius briefly met during the summer 2009 at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip in Nashville. They had their first conversation when Becky met Michael on OkCupid. Becky recalls that she messaged Michael to inquire why someone like him was using an online dating site. They began to communicate regularly over the next few days and decided to meet up in person. Becky says that they met up at The Groove Record Store Day a few days later to check if their flirtatious chemistry online was still there in person. “Fortunately, it was.” They set their first date for the next day after their meet-up. Becky recalls that they went to Thai for lunch, then went to Target to purchase cat food. The rest was history.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Becky was surprised by Michael in June 2019 with a trip on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Becky felt an anxious energy from Michael as they shared an intimate dinner on their final night. “We settled down on the Grand’s front porch. Becky recalls that Michael proposed to Becky as the sun set. “Despite our seven-year relationship, he was so nervous that he forgot actually to take the ring from the box and place it on my finger. He just kind of threw it in my lap.” The couple spent the evening toasting their engagement with Champagne, and sharing the news with friends.

They started planning their wedding right away and made great progress, until a pandemic interrupted their plans. We were juggling everything and booking vendors all the time. Becky describes how things stopped going according to Becky. The couple decided to delay their wedding for another year because of uncertainty in the future. Although this was a difficult decision, they were able to take the extra time that they needed.

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How the wedding went according to plan?

After two years of planning, Becky and Michael tied the knot in Nashville on June 19, 2021. 170 people were there. Continue reading to find out how the wedding went according to plan by Lindsy Read, Read Event House, and photographed by Austin Gros.

The couple wanted a summer solstice ceremony, so they looked to A Midsummer Night’s Dream for inspiration. The idea of a fairytale Athenian-style wedding was born. The couple settled on a timeless aesthetic with personal touches. The couple says that they wanted the aesthetic to reflect their love of movies, places, art and media. To establish their color palette, Becky and her husband turned to Dracula and Marie Antoinette as Becky’s favourite movies.

Gift boxes containing liquors

Becky was all out glam in her makeup. She describes her look as “1960s Lana Del Rey channeling Priscilla presley” with thick brows, eyeliner, large lashes and rosy cheeks. The bride styled her hair loosely with loose curls. She topped it off by a regal golden leaf tiara to honor her Greek and German heritage. She explains, “I thought that having my dark hair down against this ivory dress would increase the overall drama of it.” She finished the look with a pink base coat that she had applied to her nails. This was then painted with delicate white flowers, gold swirls and other subtle details.

Michael spent the morning touring the venue with his groomsmen, before getting into his wedding dress. The groom gave out gift boxes containing liquors and mixers, along with a T-shirt, as a gesture of gratitude to his closest friends.

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Becky wore a satin convertible dress with a silk skirt and a half-penny London organza long-sleeve shirt. She explains that although I told everyone that I didn’t want to feel like a princess but that wearing those pieces made it feel like royalty. Becky had a vision before she found it. However, when she tried on her dream gown, it did not meet her expectations. Becky decided to take her own bridal gown to the next salon, as it was now back to square one. She recalls, “I saw the Daniel top and those long sleeves and knew that I had to have it on.” Once she did, everything clicked. She brought one of her groomsmen with her to the salon, as a confirmation. She shares, “When I saw his eyes, I knew it was the right one.”

Which included garden roses, garden roses?

Becky’s romantic bouquet, which included garden roses, garden roses and sweet peas, as well as pink, red and pink ranunculus, sweet peas and peonies, stood out against her gown. She explains that the florals were meant to be rich and decadent, with deep reds and shades of flushed cheek pinks. However, they also had a playful quality that didn’t make them feel heavy or gothic.

Michael wore a black tuxedo by Bonobos that he paired it with a silk bow tie and black Mercanti Fiorentini loafers. He also wore a boutonniere made of white spray roses and olive branches.

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They held their ceremony in the courtyard just outside War Memorial Auditorium. Becky comments that she wanted the decor to be minimalist because the space was so heavy. The centerpiece of the ceremony was an oversized statue. Becky and her groom created floral arrangements to resemble small meadows around the statue. Their vows were framed by urns bursting with roses, delphinium and hydrangea. To keep the guests cool during summer heat, each seat was equipped with a fan in red, white, or pink.