Kelly Rowland reveals her secrets to marriage

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Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon have a simple formula for a happy marriage: communicate, communicate. However, communication can take many forms, from the sexy and practical. The pop singer who just released “Coffee” has been married for six years. They keep their relationship interesting and fresh by constantly letting each other know how much they love them.

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Kelly Rowland and her Husband aren’t afraid of Roleplay

Every couple should make an effort to maintain a fun relationship after six years of marriage. Rowland shared her tips for spiceing things up with People Magazine in a recent interview.

Rowland, 39 years old, said that sex is not something she cares about. We had fun when we first met. We’ll still have fun two years from now. If you keep that close to your heart, it will always show in your relationship.

Kelly Rowland’s Husband

Tim Witherspoon may just be an international mystery man. Although little information is available about Kelly Rowland, some media sources claim that he was Rowland’s manager. Bustle reported that Witherspoon may have produced a song on Michelle Williams’ 2004 album, “Do You Know.”

Rowland seems to be Witherspoon’s only client. The hype surrounding “Coffee,” could indicate that Witherspoon is trying to support his wife, who is a glamorous actress.

Kelly Rowland is how old is her husband?

He is a young 46-year-old (born January 1974), which makes him seven years younger than his wife.

Here’s a fun fact about Kelly Rowland and her husband. It was, at least for Tim, love at first sight. Rowland told ABC News that he claimed he knew the date by the first date. It took Rowland a bit longer. It wasn’t that long.

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The singer previously stated that she knew she wanted To marry Witherspoon soon after they began dating. He knew it even earlier than that. She previously stated to ABC News that he claimed he knew by the first date. “I knew [by] third date. I was like, “Oh my God!” To be honest, I felt nervous because it felt like I was with my husband.

Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon were married

Rowland and Witherspoon (38), were married in May 2014. It was an intimate destination wedding in Costa Rica, attended by just a handful of their closest friends and relatives. Beyonce and Michelle Williams, Rowland’s former bandmates were invited, along with Solange Knowles. The theme was light and breezy with the bride wearing a beach-friendly gown with an open back.

They now share a 5-year-old son, Titan. Rowland shared that they are now six years into their marriage and they are both working hard to strengthen their relationship. She said that it starts with understanding yourself first.

Kelly Rowland and Her Husband’s Tips for Marriage

Rowland stated, “If I didn’t take the time to get better to understand myself in this crisis we would be struggling.” We go to therapy every week, and we are so proud of that. It’s to maintain a healthy relationship and allow for communication so we can be ready for one another. My husband supports me, is there for and loves me. I met my best friend. There is nothing we can’t discuss.”

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“When I meet an elderly couple, I always ask them: “What is the one thing that could break up a marriage?” She continued, “With every challenge, there is a solution and I think he and I have grown to talk about everything.” “With every problem, there’s a solution. I believe he and I have learned to talk about everything.

A Commitment to Commitment

Rowland acknowledged that her understandings of marriage have changed and are continuing to change as she and Witherspoon mature together and in their relationship. She said that she has learned that there is no “out” in marriage. Witherspoon and Rowland are in it together for the long-term.

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She said, “Before we were married, I was like, “Well, if it does not work, you can just get divorced.” “But now, that’s not an option. Because I know that I have a great man, this is not an option. I know that I have someone who loves me unconditionally and that we will work it out. We have faith in each other and that is what matters most. I love marriage. It is something I consider sacred.”